Butterhill is in its new spacious location!

Our new location at 336 Hudson Street Cornwall On Hudson NY allows us to provide a program that will assist the children and their families to continue a stable learning environment in these difficult changing times.

Limited space for Kindergarten – Middle School

Call us at (845)534-2341

Butterhill Day School new location

Welcome to Butterhill Day School

Butterhill Day School is designed to supplement the love, affection, plus the teaching and playing that a child receives at home. Our goal is always to contribute to the happy, healthy development of the child and the well being of the family.

At Butterhill we believe, the children are our future. Every child has a special gift and the potential to be what they want to be. We also acknowledge some children may have difficulties. At Butterhill we nurture the child to help expand on their special gift and work through their difficulties. It is in eary childhood that the child’s ideals are formed. It is our plan to form a partnership with child, parent and care giver or teacher. Together we can build a better world, one child at time.

Learning Programs

Infant / Toddlers

Butterhill opened its Infant /Toddler Center in Cornwall in 2008 to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children of working parents….

Preschool Program

The Butterhill Day School’s curriculum has been designed to develop basic concepts, attitudes and skills, as well as to capitalize on each child’s creativity….

Developmental Kindergarten

This program was developed by Butterhill as a transitional program between pre-school and kindergarten for children who need more time to mature. ….

Kindergarten / First Grade

This classroom experience is one of the most important years in the educational process. The Butterhill Day School helps children learn, helping them make decisions, organize….

Before / after School

As a service to parents of school age children in grades 1-8 in the Cornwall School District, Butterhill offers a Before and After School Program. The program is staffed by caring….

Summer Program

Our summer programs offer something for every age child. Our Infant/Toddler Center continues to provide day care for entire summer adding special events to the Toddler Program….

What They Say?


"Both of my girls have been attending Butterhill Day School for the last 2+ years following behind the recommendation of their older cousins that attended for several years. The staff is always available to talk; they are kind, caring, and courteous as they also pass down these qualities to the children. The education and everyday learning experience is well-balanced, fun and creates a positive atmosphere. There are many fun-filled activities, field trips and picnics. We love that there is a parent/teacher conference to discuss what is going on in the classroom and how your child is doing. There is always an open door policy but the chance to sit down with the teacher one on one to ensure your child is learning or if there are any concerns is going above & beyond! My oldest will be heading into Kindergarten this next year better prepared for her next journey thanks to the teachers and staff at Butterhill!"

Lynn Fern

"Butterhill helped us set a wonderful academic, social and emotional foundation for Brielle! Not only was it a home away from home for our child, but it was exactly what WE needed as parents! We always knew that our girl would be well taken care of and that is a wonderful feeling! Dan and Lily Withers"

Dan and Lily Withers