Before & After School Care Program

before schoolers

As a service to parents of school age children in grades 1-8 in the Cornwall School District, Butterhill offers a Before and After School Program. The program is staffed by caring, mature individuals, who are experienced in childcare. The well-being and safety of the children is their first concern.

The Before School portion of the program is located at our Main Street location in Cornwall. Our Before School Program opens at 6:30 a.m. for those parents who need to be at work earlier. Parents can provide Butterhill with breakfast foods to serve the children if necessary. The children are supervised until buses arrive to deliver them to school.

The After School Program is located on the New York Military Academy campus, in a facility conveniently located at the corner of Academy Ave. and Lower Faculty Rd. The building is dedicated to the new NYMA Lower School for grades 1-6 and Butterhill’s After School Program. Students from the Middle School, Lee Rd. School, Cornwall-On-Hudson Elementary School, and Willow Ave. School are bussed directly to our NYMA location, where our staff is ready to meet each bus as they arrive. In addition, there are two late buses that arrive from the Middle School at 3:15 and 4:15 for any child wishing to participate in after school activities at that school.

Attendance is taken as the children depart from their buses. Then everyone heads inside to have a snack and start the afternoon activities. If parents wish, they can bring snacks for their children that our staff will label and distribute to their child each afternoon.

After snack time the children can choose between three areas of indoor activity:

Homework: Butterhill provides a quiet room where those students who need to complete homework assignments can do so. Staff is available to answer questions and help guide the students through their work. Students can also read, draw or work on quiet activities in this area.
Play Room: This is an area where students can engage in free play and socializing. Board games, building blocks, and crafts are just a few of the activities provided to the children.
Movie Room: This large, open area provides a place where the children can relax and unwind. Butterhill provides appropriate movies for the children to view and often Miss Helen will provide popcorn and other treats to make it a real movie experience!

Of course, when the weather permits we head outside to play. Our NYMA

location provides a beautiful, expansive outdoor area perfect for pick-up football games, soccer, wall ball or just running and playing. Butterhill also provides equipment to play badminton and volleyball. Often the children will congregate at the picnic tables or read under the maple trees.

In the Fall, all the children work together to build giant leaf piles and then enjoy jumping into them. In the Winter months the hill provides a perfect sledding area. Miss Helen provides the children with a whole fleet of sleds and saucers and they excitedly run up and race down the hill until dark. Often on Friday afternoons, Miss Helen will have a pizza party or bring in other goodies from local vendors.

Many of our students have been Butterhill Kids since they were infants and it is nice to see them come back each year as part of our Butterhill Family.
We invite you and your children to “Come Grow With Us”.

Daily Program

AM Care:
06:30 – 08:30

After School Programs:
02:30 – 06:00