Childrens Enrichment Programs

Art Classes

Art classes are a very exciting and important part of the Butterhill Day School. It is never too early to introduce children to art and our classes are not the basic cutting and coloring.We study illustrators, such as Denise Flemming, Leo Leone, and Eric Karl just as an example. We also learn about artists such as Vincent Vangogh and Piet Mondrian. After learning about these artists and illustrators, the children use their free spirit and talents to create their own works of art. Using water colors, pastels, chalk, and origami they create self-portraits and still life drawings. We believe a child’s mind is full of ideas and the child is full of individual talents. Art class allows these children to express themselves and develop their talents.


Our new facility has a full commercial kitchen. We are able to do cooking projects the children.
It is fun for them while they learn how to measure as they put recipes together. The finished product is always a “tasteful” experience.

Music Classes

Our children from Toddler One to Developmental Kindergarten enjoy music with John and Jackie Gioia.
Every week they enjoy learning songs, rhymes and dances. This is a favorite time for the children as they get to express themselves through music.


Every Wednesday Mr. X Ray brings his converted school bus for the children to engage in gymnastic play.
The bus has been converted to a gym on wheels. Every child knows Wednesday is Tumble Bus Date.
There is a charge paid to Tumble Bus.