Childrens Enrichment Programs

Art Classes

Art classes are a very exciting and important part of the Butterhill Day School. It is never too early to introduce children to art and our classes are not the basic cutting and coloring.We study illustrators, such as Denise Flemming, Leo Leone, and Eric Karl just as an example. We also learn about artists such as Vincent Vangogh and Piet Mondrian. After learning about these artists and illustrators, the children use their free spirit and talents to create their own works of art. Using water colors, pastels, chalk, and origami they create self-portraits and still life drawings. We believe a child’s mind is full of ideas and the child is full of individual talents. Art class allows these children to express themselves and develop their talents.

Computer Classes

Every week the children ignite their imagination in computer class. Miss Mary takes the children to the next level. Through small, interactive classes, our preschool and kindergarten/1st students are able to learn computer skills. They learn to operate a computer and other components such as child-friendly keyboards, drawing pads, robots and digital cameras. They strengthen important readiness skills in reading, math, science, art and music. They interact with top-rated software, multimedia and new technologies. Most of all they develop self-confidence.

Music Classes

Our weekly educational music class is enjoyed by all of our Kindergartners. The ultimate goal of this program is to build a strong foundation for our students to understand fundamental concepts such as melody and rhythm. Basic note reading is presented in both these concepts in order to begin to prepare them to play a musical instrument. Through singing, listening, moving and playing basic percussive instruments (drums, shakers, sticks, etc.) our students are encouraged to explore their own musical personalities. In addition, learning about the 4 families of the orchestra and how they sound is one of our central listening activities. This is a carefully crafted music program, but most of all, the children know it’s fun. Our weekly group keyboard music program is offered as a supplemental enrichment class for our Kindergarteners. We accept up to four students in each group in order to provide plenty of one-on-one attention. Music reading is central to our curriculum, however, the ear is the first avenue for learning. Because of this, many listening opportunities are presented, such as hearing the distance in sounds between notes. Drumming and movement are used to encourage rhythm accuracy and coordination. Singing is used to nurture tonal development. These are not your traditional “stay put” piano lessons. Many children are ready for learning keyboard at this very young age.

Science Classes

No day is more exciting than Science Class day. The children enjoy learning about nature, animals and insects. Miss Suzanne always makes the class informative by bringing in live insects and animals. She conducts experiments with the children. She first reads to them about the subject to be presented. Then she has the live specimen or experiment, and then a craft to coincide. For example one month they studied the squirrel. Another month they will study the owl. They dissected owl pellets. The children love studying the polar bear. Miss Suzanne does a hands on “Blubber Experiment”. She has brought turtles, chicks, spiders, frogs, hermit crabs, anale lizards and a praying mantis to class. Each creature is studied and the children gain a knowledge of the life and existence of them.

Spanish Classes

Bienvenido a la clase de espanol! (Welcome to Spanish Class) This is just an example of one of the greetings the children learn in Spanish Class in Kindergarten/1st. They are learning basics, such as numbers, days of the week, months of the year, the calendar, the weather and the seasons. They learn to say their school supplies in Spanish. In addition to learning how to speak Spanish they learn about Spain. The culture and traditions are fun subjects for the children. Such holidays as Cinco de mayo and las pasadas are celebrated. The children enjoy learning another language and look forward to Miss L”s class.

Yoga Classes

Each week our kindergarten / first grade students enjoy yoga with Susan Walsh – Aulogia. The students look forward to this class. It gives the children a chance to practice balance and breathing patterns while learning physical and mental discipline. We hope that by introducing our students to yoga at such a young age it will encourage them to make yoga a part of their healthy lifestyle for years to come.