Program Overviews

Infant/Toddler Room:

Butterhill opened its Infant /Toddler Center in Cornwall in 2008 to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children of working parents. In the infant room each child is provided with their own comfortable crib, cubby and diaper locker labeled with their name for their use only. Parents provide a daily schedule for our caregivers to follow. Daily sheets are completed to advise parents of their child’s feedings, naps and diaper changing. In the toddler room, children are introduced to a more structured day. Part of the curriculum includes circle time, where students practice calendar, weather, colors, numbers, shapes and letters. They also make art projects and are encouraged to use their imagination. Parents are provided each month with a schedule of planned activities.

We believe in fresh air. Children go out to the playground whenever weather permits. The infants go on walks in carriages built for four. They love visiting the Town's Duck Pond.